LJP Withdrawn From Sale

June 19, 2009

I have temporarily withdrawn LJP from sale as there are some remaining bugs which need resolved but I simply do not have the time to do so at the moment due to other commitments.

In the mean time I can strongly recommend the following app which provides similar functionality:


The withdrawal is not due to any actions of Apple or TfL


LJP 1.60 Now Available

May 19, 2009


Please post a review if you like it!

(even if you’ve already reviewed it, I believe you can post a new review for each release).

LJP 1.60 Submitted to Apple

May 14, 2009

New in this release:

  • Added ‘Home’ button
  • Added ability to enter station names manually if not already listed
  • Fixed issue with times for when device is set to 12-hour clock format
  • Improved location detection
  • Compatibility fixes for iPhone OS 3.0
  • Added Thames Clipper piers
  • Added London Trams stops
  • Added several railway stations

Apologies for irregular jumps in version number, I’m trying to get the internal version number consistent with the one shown on the App Store.

1.36 Now Available

April 27, 2009

Release 1.36 has been approved by Apple and should appear in the store in the next few hours. Please post any feedback here.

Vote for enhancements to LJP

April 17, 2009

I’ve set up a page on Google Moderator to allow people to vote on features they would like to see in London Journey Planner for iPhone:


I’m looking forward to seeing the suggestions!

App Temporarily Withdrawn

April 12, 2009

Due to some nasty bugs in the last release, I have temporarily withdrawn the app from sale. I am just about to submit an updated release to Apple, which will probably be available around April 22nd.

Version 1.3 Released

April 6, 2009

Version 1.3 is now available. There a quite a few enhancements in this version so there could be a a few issues. Things that I am aware of so far are:

* The app will crash if a change is made to the options screen listing modes of transport

* The app may crash when viewing a route. I’m still trying to diagnose the cause. If you are reporting this, it would helpful if you could tell me:

– The origin and destination entered
– The date, time, and whether this is for arrival or departure
– The version of iPhone OS you are using
– Whether you are a new user or are upgrading from a previous version

UPDATE : A user has commented below that removing and then reinstalling the app resolved the crash issue when viewing a route. Please report if this works for you.

(I have temporarily removed the app from the store while I try find a definitive solution for this issue.).

Version 1.3 Delayed

March 19, 2009

Version 1.3 has been delayed because Apple rejected it due to the location-awareness feature being marked as ‘experimental’. I will being re-submitting it in a couple of days.

Missing Stations

March 10, 2009

There have been a couple of comments posted in the iTunes store about missing stations.

If you notice any missing, it is best to email me or post a comment here so that I can respond. There is no way for me to reply to comments posted in the app store.

‘Mitcham Eastfields’ is one such missing station. It opened only in June 2008, so must not have been on the master list I used. I’ve now added it and it will be available in a future release (beyond 1.3).

Version 1.3

March 9, 2009

Version 1.3 is currently in review (there was no version 1.2).

The new features include:

  • Automatically detects your current location
  • Maps of local area for origin, destination and interchanges
  • Buttons for Earliest/Earlier/Later/Latest routes

The location awareness is an experimental feature and I have not been able to fully test it as I’m working outside of the UK. Please use this blog for any feedback about it.